An-Apple-A-DayYour Gut

The gut is the key to everything. Poor gut health can be the precursor to a host of issues that you may not have realized. Specifically, a compromised gut can compromise your immune system, interfere with your detoxification processes, inhibit nutrition absorption, produce mood disorders and /or anxiety, cause poor memory and concentration issues and increase your risks for food allergies.

The key to ultimate gut health:

  • Eliminate or minimize inflammatory foods
  • Limit your alcohol intake (really limit it)
  • Consume 15-20g fiber daily
  • Supplement with a broad-spectrum probiotic

Your Sleep

Hard-chargers, workaholics, and insomniacs aren’t just missing out on sleep; they’re missing out on what happens while you sleep. The only way to maintain a high rate of efficiency is if you provide your body with enough time to recover. This is even truer the older you get. You absolutely need to sleep between 7-8 hours a night. Anything less and you’re operating in a deficit.

  • Prepare for bed 30-40 minutes before you actually go to bed
  • Limit your water intake during the last 2 hours before bed
  • Keep your distractions out of the bedroom (mobile phone, iPad, etc.)
  • Supplement with magnesium if you have problems falling asleep

Your Nutrition

You can BS your way through bad nutrition in your younger years but sooner or later the fast food, processed food, and high sugar content food is going to catch up with you. Nutrition is an emotionally volatile topic. Particularly when you start to look at the traditional and cultural significance of what we eat. The trick is to take a step back and recognize the emotional triggers that may be influencing your choices.

The key to ultimate nutrition:

  • Higher protein diets are shown to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass
  • Carbohydrates aren’t “essential”. Your largest carb intake should come from cruciferous live foods. Limit all others, particularly starches
  • Fat intake is essential for overall health. Fat from nuts, seeds, and plants are ideal
  • Food is the preferred source for nutrients but if you fall short supplement with a multi-vitamin

Your Relationships

This can be any relationship to include your relationship with your spouse, relatives, friends, or the planet. If your relationships are out of balance you’ll be out of balance. Maintaining positive relationships with your friends and family as well as maintaining a relationship with a higher power has shown to improve immune function, well being, and overall health.

The key to ultimate relationships:

  • Live more. Laugh more. Love more.
  • Find a way to “play” more to break up the monotony of routine and enjoy life
  • Our generation appears to work more and sleep less than any before us. Find balance by setting aside some time to read a book, talk to an old friend, or watch a sunset
  • Start your day with devotionals. Reflect on what you’re thankful for and how you can make the world a better place
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