When did you join Raise the Bar?  I joined Raise the Bar April 21st 2017,  with my first class on April 24, 2017

Did you have any past fitness experience before RtB? My only real past experience was about 12 years ago when I was into weightlifting for about a year

Describe what made you decide to walk in the door the first time.  My New Year’s resolution for 2017 was to get healthy, and by that point in the year I was ready to lose weight and become healthier. I had worked on other areas of my health for the first few months of the year and was ready to take the jump into a fitness routine. 

How has the gym impacted you personally and/or professionally?  The gym has affected me personally by giving me more self-confidence, which has manifested itself into all aspects of my life. Professionally, it has given me something to use to bond to others in the office who are also working on their health.

What do you believe sets RtB apart from other gyms? The positive and supportive community is what makes Raise the Bar a huge cut above other gyms. The community at the gym is very inclusive: it’s really like having a second family to look after you. So many knowledgeable people are willing to help you on your road to wellness, it really is like instantly having a ton of friends 

What have you learned from your experience with RtB?   I have learned a ton about diet and fitness, from when and what to eat, to how to do a proper squat, and even what factors might be holding you back.

Lastly, what piece of advice would you have for someone just beginning their fitness journey?  The fitness journey is not about busting your butt for a week on exercise and diet and you’re done.  It’s a slow grind that works best with consistency over a long period of time.  Consistency going to the gym daily and consistency with your diet.  Since it’s such a long period of time, you must be flexible in both diet and exercise, because there will be days when things happen.  Maybe you’re sick and can’t make the gym or maybe you had a few too many drinks last night ruining your diet plan.  The key is minimizing the setbacks and not letting everything fall apart because you had one bad day. 

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