When did you join Raise the Bar?

I joined Raise the Bar in October 2017. I started with the Six Week Challenge and after day one, I never looked back or regretted my decision!

What made you decide to walk in the door the first time?

Over the course of the last 3 years, I had been doing Crossfit and started to feel like I needed to change boxes.  I had felt that I needed a stronger nutritional program incorporating a different way to develop myself with strength and cardio.  I heard about RtB through a friend and jumped on the opportunity.  I was exercising, but not eating the way I should which was causing me to not lose the weight and in fact, I was gaining weight.

How has the gym impacted you personally and/or professionally?

This gym has impacted me personally and professionally in so many ways.  I am in love with my5am peeps!!  I have built so much more confidence in myself.  Having that confidence has flowed into my professional life.  Just recently, I switched careers and being healthier has gotten my mind straight and I killed the interview and got the job! Being able to feel good in my clothes and even in my own skin has also made my workouts that much more successful.  I feel self-reliant walking into the gym knowing that I am going to start the day and continue being the best person I can be.  I owe that all to the RtB family!!

Describe RtB’s community. 

The staff and the athletes are amazing! There is not one negative thing to say.  Every single person greets you with open arms.  They are there for you wanting you to succeed just as much as they want to succeed themselves. They are now my 2nd family. I am proud to say that I am a member of Raise the Bar family! Brian and Jenny are top notch!  They are not just the owners, but they are two amazing people that are wanting everyone to be healthy and successful.  They have created an environment that is very welcoming.  I never dread getting up at 4:30 am each day to go to the gym because I know I am going to be greeted by amazing people!

Lastly, what piece of advice would you have for someone just beginning their fitness journey?

My advice is very easy.  Just keep coming to the gym the next day.  One day at a time.  Soon, you will fall in love and want to come every day.  This gym will change your life!  Keep coming to the gym and keep moving!


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