When did you join Raise the Bar?

I joined Raise the Bar in September 2017.

What made you decide to walk in the door the first time?

I wanted a gym that would be able to help me lose post-op weight gain, regain strength and increase range of motion in my leg after my knee replacement. I came to RTB while I was still in physical therapy. I would go to therapy and then come straight to the R3FLEX class.

How has the gym impacted you personally and/or professionally?

Raise the Bar has been a HUGE part of my healing! When I first started I had to face many challenges, BURPEES being just one of many.  This year has been hard and rewarding all at the same time. I’m extremely excited with how much progress I have made in 9 months’ time. I’m down 30lbs and so much more “abled” than I have been in years. I still have a lot of work to do but I’m looking forward to seeing what this next year brings.

What is RtB’s community like?

RtB’s community is extremely positive and motivating. I have never felt out of place or judged. Absolutely the most encouraging team of coaches and people who genuinely care about each other. I have found my fitness home. I’m thankful to be around such a supportive community of athletes where no one ever has to finish a workout alone. Bring on all the fist bumps!

Lastly, what piece of advice would you have for someone just beginning their fitness journey?

My advice to anyone starting their fitness journey is clear your mind of can’t! There’s no crying; there’s only trying. I may not be the strongest or fastest but I show up and give it my all!  It’s all about your mindset. Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride. Do it for you. Listen to your coaches; their knowledge and guidance will help you more than you could ever imagine.



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