So you’ve decided to give either the R3Flex or CrossFit thing a try- check!

Now that you have taken this important step, what athletic wear is best for each class? You will often hear about proper form and the proper ways to use equipment, but what you wear to class is truly the backbone of your workout and it is important to make sure you are properly prepared.

To begin: it is essential to wear the proper shoes for each type of workout. It’s easy to forget that the shoes you wear for running are different than the shoes you should wear for CrossFit or R3Flex. In CrossFit, it is essential to find a pair of shoes that not only fits properly, but that are durable and help you keep your balance. Have you tried the rope climb yet? You definitely want to make sure your shoes can withstand both the clean and jerk as well as WODs like the rope climb.

Many CrossFitters recommend wearing Nike Metcon 3 shoes (males and females) for their CrossFit workouts due to the heel rise and stability of the shoe.  R3Flex requires a little more movement in the shoe, and others recommend a shoe similar to the Reebok ReelFlex Train. Most importantly- the shoes many recommend may not be the same shoes that fit you the best. Make sure to try your shoes on to ensure comfort, breathability, and fit.

Not only is it essential to ensure your feet are properly prepped, but it is also important to make sure comfortable for your workouts! The Jeneral recommends Lululemon for R3Flex classes (guys- this means you, too!) Not only are their clothes durable, but they are comfortable to workout in and they keep you covered during your workouts.

CrossFit classes require more movement in shirts, while many people prefer to wear pants or shorts with more stability. There is nothing worse than feeling like your too-tight shirt is slowing down your snatch! There are many brands which will help provide the proper comfort level for CrossFit. As with shoes, it is essential to try everything on and move around in it prior to giving it a spin in class.

As with many things, make sure to ask fellow athletes in class what they prefer to wear. Oftentimes we have to give a few options a try to figure out what works for us. What are you waiting for? See you in class!

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